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More *POP*

I made a few more... including one Stuph one for _carly_:)

To make all of these I generally let my imagination run riot! but a quick how to for the Blair and Patrick ones in the last batch (made in PS7)

1. Fill the background layer with a bold colour
2. Drag the photo you want to use into your new doc, resize and move it to where you'd like it.
3. Erase the detail around the edges of the face using a small circular brush (you'll probably need to zoom in)
4. Desaturate the layer
5. Using the polygonal lasso draw an outline roughly about 5px around the edges of the image you have
6. Create a layer below the photo, fill the selection with white. You'll now have the basic look.
7. Create a new layer above your picture and using a small brush paint over the image with a contrasting colour.
8. Set this layer to 'colour' blending mode
9. Add text, left click on the layer on your layers pallet, choose blending options and select stroke to get the outline to your text.

And that's about it! The rest is done with the help of brushes and the text helps too :)

The brushes I've used are from: Forbidden Fire, Be pop, Digital Bristle and my circle and popdots sets

Pop Fonts Loki Cola, Airstream, Deftone Stylus, Cake.
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